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Super Size Hair Nutrition System

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The LARGEST sizes of each of the same excellent products included in the smaller size Hair Nutrition System.

This is A BEST BUY HEAD STRONG HAIR NUTRITION SYSTEM. This system comes to you with everything you need to have healthy hair from roots to ends. Unlike most hair products that weigh your hair down with heavy oils, Headstrong Products work from both the inside, with vitamin formulas and vitamin tablets, and outside to repair, protect, strengthen and nourish fragile hair.

This complete combination of products will get and keep your hair healthy, growing full and stronger. With regular use, vitamin enriched and herbal Headstrong Products bring you results you never thought could be achieved. Years of research has proven that nutrition plays a major role in your body's ability to grow hair. This vitamin system fulfills all of your hairs' needs.

The largest sizes of all five of these HEADSTRONG treatments:

  • Headstrong Hair Revival Treatment to improve the molecular structure of each hair, (two 4oz bottles)
  • Headstrong Ultra Care Shampoo with super vitamin conditioners-double size (two 8 oz bottles)
  • Headstrong Daily Care Formula, extra light vitamin hair and scalp Formula - 12 oz size
  • Headtrong Ultra-Care Leave-In Vitamin Conditioner ..for Frizz Free Styling-8 oz spray bottle
  • Headstrong Daily Vitamins to nourish your hair from within-120 day supply
  • FREE-Silver Conditioning Treatment Cap - For deep conditioning treatments

This system is highly recommended for everyone with Chemically treated, Damaged or Thin Hair. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Best products ever
02/22/13 8:32AM
Very good product it makes my natural feel and look perm
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