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In 1901, Madam C.J. Walker, a daughter of slaves, began research into hair care for Black women. She was the inventor of the hot straightening iron and became the first Black woman millionaire. Her beauty business was the first to recognize that Black hair needed products that were not available at that time.

By 1942 when Gold Medal products were first developed, there were still almost no products easily available to address the specific needs of black hair. For these 59 years we have developed and continued to update our products for Black hair and skin. We believe there are no products made today that equal the effectiveness of these products. Because they are available direct from our factory, with no stores or distributors involved, the prices to you are a fraction of what retail would be.

Afro hair has special attributes and requirements. It twists and loops as it grows, has a matte finish instead of a natural shine and is difficult to manage, but it is strong and can be healthy. The biggest problem our hair presents is caused when we refuse to accept and love it. We try to change it with chemicals that straighten or curl and damage it. Worst of all, we lose the quality that defines us. Mothers who apply chemicals to their child's hair let their daughters grow up thinking they have "bad hair".

"Good hair" is not straight hair for the Black woman. Good hair is the natural hair we were born with. It may be difficult to comb. It may frizz up in damp weather. Gold Medal products are designed to bring natural health, and manageable styling back to damaged hair and to keep hair healthy and feeling great. These products help bring out the essence of our beauty.

Gold Medal has never made chemicals perms or relaxers because we believe they are harmful to hair and possible to our body. Under the supervisoin of Black women and men who help design and test every product, we search the world to locate natural oils, scents, formulas that are the most effective and gentle. Gold Medal products are here to help you look healthy, natural and to enjoy the inherent beauty intended for you.

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