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Designed to help improve damaged, falling, breaking hair, this Power Gro System brings you everything you need to achieve strong, silky, radiant locks you will be proud of.

You Get:
• Power Gro Silk Action Leave-in Conditioner stays in your hair all day to protect it from dryness and frizz. Styling into braids, curls, waves, your moisturized hair becomes strong and smooth with extra shine to prevent breakage and damage with a healthy appearance.
• Power Gro Hair Formula keeps brittle hair soft to prevent dryness and breakage. New growth remains young and healthy helping to grow fuller and stronger hair that will not break off or fall out.
• Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo
• Power Gro Hair Builder and Conditioner
• Free Conditioning Cap

Our best selling formula!
• When your hair needs deep conditioning or your scalp feels sore from over using chemicals, a stimulating massage with Power Gro Hair Formula into your scalp, comb through and wear your conditioning cap for about 20 minutes before your shampoo. Feel the relief in your scalp and the softening of your hair.

If you are not thrilled with your results, just return the unused portion of the products for your money back.

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4 out of  5
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