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Do You Want To Be A Sexier Looking Woman? GAIN THE SHAPE YOU WANT...FAST Guaranteed Results or Pay Nothing! If a fuller, sexier looking figure is your desire this is your chance to acheive your wish. You can naturally fill out your breasts, round your hips and fanny, develop a sensuous body and it will be easier than you ever could have believed. You deserve to have curves because you are a woman. No one will think of you as skinny or flat anymore. BODY SHAPER nutrients let you drink your way to the seductive flattering shape you have been wishing for. BODY SHAPER is a new concentrated formula containing healthful weight gaining proteins, vitamins and minerals developed to give you inches and curves of added attractiveness. Delicious BODY SHAPER mixed with milk, with 2 meals a day is 100% safe and is government approved. Large 24 ounce size, Select Chocolate or Vanilla flavor Your satisfaction is guaranteed. BODY SHAPER must add inches to your body or simply return the unused portion for a prompt refund.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
this stuff is great
11/08/14 8:02AM
i have only been using this for about a week. i can see that my hips is spreading, and getting bigger.i will be ordering more of it. please don't stop selling it. i love it! thank u this powder means a lot to me!
5 out of  5
06/18/14 7:55PM
Please�� bring this product back it really works immediately in two days I saw results.i promise if u bring it back I will be ordering 20 jars a months and will be helping your company make sales please I beg u this is so upsetting to see bad news like this one to know I will never see or use this product again I needed it now please,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 out of  5
Best value purchase ever
03/09/14 4:01PM
I just love it
5 out of  5
bring this product back
11/22/13 6:39PM
This product really works to help you gain weight, Why are you discontinuing this? I wanted to order more because it hope me to acheive my goal weight, I has stomach problems and loss weight,

Please bring this product back.
5 out of  5
09/16/12 5:16AM
What happened? This was the best weight gain product EVER!!! I've been using this delicious shake over 10 years now. I love it!!!
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