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Do You Want To Be A Sexier Looking Woman?
Guaranteed Results or Pay Nothing!
If a fuller, sexier looking figure is your desire this is your chance to acheive your wish.

You can naturally fill out your breasts, round your hips and fanny, develop a sensuous body and it will be easier than you ever could have believed. You deserve to have curves because you are a woman. No one will think of you as skinny or flat anymore.

BODY SHAPER nutrients let you drink your way to the seductive flattering shape you have been wishing for.

BODY SHAPER is a new concentrated formula containing healthful weight gaining proteins, vitamins and minerals developed to give you inches and curves of added attractiveness. Delicious BODY SHAPER mixed with milk, with 2 meals a day is 100% safe and is government approved.

Large 14.8 ounce size with yummy Vanilla flavor
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
BODY SHAPER must add inches to your body or simply return the unused portion for a prompt refund.

Body Shaper Ingredients: Sucrose, Soy Protein Powder, Calcium Caseinate, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Modified Cornstarch, Natural Flavor, Egg Albumin, Brewer’s Yeast and Lactose.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
T my
Breast filled out
08/21/20 10:27AM
I love this stuff. My god mom told me abt it after I saw her granddaughter butt and hips fill all the way out. I thought it would do the same for me but I guess everyone’s body’s different bc and it grew only my breasts. Ordering more bc I still love the results.
5 out of  5
Body shaper
09/17/18 10:26PM
Please get Chocolate body shaper
4 out of  5
Used in past
08/24/17 11:41AM
Well, as I were reading the comments. I seen that , it was discontinued, why I am not sure. But I am happy you all, came back. I am wondering why, the chocolate flavor is not sold anymore? since that was my favored one. But Vanilla not bad. So I am trying again, to see if it still works! Thanks!
5 out of  5
Chocolate Thunder
The best product for a great shape
03/08/17 8:49PM
I love this product. I used this product 23 years ago. And I promise you, I still have hips, butt and breast. I love this product. I recommend it to any woman that's looking to gain a perfect shape.
5 out of  5
Results are Super Legit!
04/11/16 5:14PM
Please don't ever discontinue this product again, it works too well! I am curious as to why the size of the container is less than half of the original size? But please don't mistake my concern for a complaint, small size is better than no size :) LOVE THE CURVES IT NATURALLY ASSISTS YOUR BODY IN PRODUCING!! ******6stars******
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