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Instant Hair

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Human Hair 4" wide by 9" long 2 interlocking combs. Use it to fill in thin spots, make your hair look fuller or longer or give yourself a streak of color for a little excitement. Interlocking combs snap securely until you remove it. Comes in widths (weft may be cut to adapt to size needed)

A huge variety of wigs, chosen with your taste for high quality, low price and classic styles.

Customer Reviews

4 out of  5
Nice Hair Piece
01/12/15 8:00PM
I curled this piece and integrated it into my hair and no one was able to tell the difference. Very nice! Thank you.
5 out of  5
a very good purchase
07/08/14 6:30PM
this is my second purchase. its nice to fill in and make my hair look longer and fuller as my thin spot grows back. I like that you can wash, cut, press, and style it. Instant hair is very good to have on hand. don't stop making it.

a satisfied customer for many years
4 out of  5
02/22/13 11:17AM
I like the item, however I wished that you could get the off black with gray hair mingled in. This is great for when you are using a rinse because this allows for your natural hair and the instant hair to both have the same look. Over all, I like the product and I wear it almost everyday.
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