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Cover your gray-TOUCH UP BRUSH

Waterworks Powder Hair Color... NO AMMONIA!

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• Very gentle to the hair.
• No harsh odor.
• Gives hair a smooth, rich shine and natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions
• How long will Waterworks last on my hair? Waterworks is a permanent hair color. It should remain on your hair until it grows out or is cut.

• What makes Waterworks hair color permanent? Waterworks powdered formula contains high-quality microscopic molecules that penetrate into the cortex where they will expand and remain permanent.

• Will Waterworks fade or rub off? No. Because Waterworks is a permanent hair color it is long lasting and stays true to tone.

• Will Waterworks leave a green cast on my hair like some of the leading semi-permanent products? No. Waterworks will not create a green cast since its underlying base colors are violet and gold.

• Can Waterworks be used on chemically-treated hair? Yes. Since Waterworks gently deposits color, it is normally safe to use on hair that has been chemically treated with Sodium Hydroxide or Ammonium Thioglycolate.

• Can Waterworks be used to add depth to previously lightened hair? Waterworks is excellent for tint blocks and corrective coloring to eliminate off-tones and cool-down over-lightened hair.

• What will the results be after using Waterworks? Your hair will show off hues of richness that shine softly, exhibiting magnificent and natural-looking hair color. * How does Waterworks compare with semi-permanent hair colors? Waterworks delivers the richness of semi-permanent hair colors, and covers gray gently and permanently without washing out.

• What are the benefits of using Waterworks? Waterworks is low in pH, contains NO AMMONIA, requires no peroxide, since it's in the powder.

• Does Waterworks lift and deposit color simultaneously? No. Waterworks has no lifting action. It is a color-depositing agent only.

• What is the purpose of Waterworks? The purpose is three-fold:
(1) To permanently and easily cover gray hair.
(2) To match or enhance natural hair color.
(3) To restore hair color that has been faded by the sun or chlorine.

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