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Doctors Formula for your Scalp

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Having problems with growing your hair longer and healthier? Problems with blocked, dry, itchy or dandruff hair and scalp?

Here is a Complete Doctor's Treatment to help solve the problem. Carbonoel Formulas with healing, soothing, and penetrating powers, are made to attack germs, fungus and bacteria that damage hair and can keep it from healthy growth. Carbonoel is prescribed by doctors who recommend this combination of Carbonoel Formulas to treat these problems correctly.

All treatments of this Complete, Doctor Recommended Carbonoel Formula are included in this system as follows:

** #60A Carbonoel BALSAM Hair & Scalp treatment 1oz. Soothes itching dry scalp and eliminates bacteria.

** #70C Carbonoel Special Hot Oil deeply moisturizes both hair and scalp to prevent dryness, itching and breakage and encourages longer healthier hair growth.

** #74A Carbonoel Tar-o-Lan Ointment applied by gentle massage to dry, flaking, itchy scalp or where the scalp appears to be dry, itchy or blocked.

** #41C Power Gro Hair Builder 4oz-To add strength, thickness, life and body to your hair. Power Gro Hair Builder and Conditioner is used as an after shampoo conditioning treatment and will help to strengthen and smooth hair that needs this extra attention. Experience how this product will help restore life and health to bring your hair back to loveliness. Guaranteed to strength and condition your hair. Results in healthier looking hair with more elasticity, less likely to become damaged.

This complete system soothes irritations, stimulates hair roots and brings the scalp to a normal, comfortable condition, free from bacteria, fungus, germs in which healthy hair will grow naturally. You will also receive The silver treatment cap FREE to use with these Carbonoel Formulas to aid in deeper penetration and effectiveness. If you suffer from itchy, scaly scalp, try this combination to experience improvement and relief, or your money back.

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