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You will receive all of the following:

• Power Gro Silk Action Leave-in Conditioner (4 oz.) Stays in your hair all day to protect it from dryness and frizz. Styling into braids, curls, waves, your moisturized hair becomes strong and smooth with extra shine to prevent breakage and damage with a healthy appearance.

• Power Gro Hair Formula (4 oz.) Keeps brittle hair soft to prevent dryness and breakage. New growth remains young and healthy helping to grow fuller and stronger hair that will not break off or fall out.

• Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo (4 oz.) Made with Jojoba oils as well as ingredients to prevent tangling to prevent breakage when combing. Protects new hair growth and helps prevent scalp disorders when shampooing is done regularly.

• Power Gro Hair Builder & Conditioner (4 oz.) Used as a conditioning treatment after each shampoo adds protein strength and thickness to each hair, making it fuller and stronger each time you use it. Helps to restore life and health to damaged, thin and breaking hair. Our best selling formula!

• FREE Conditioning Cap. Used when you condition, it creates just enough heat for a luxurious deep treatment.

Designed to help improve damaged, falling, breaking hair, this Power Gro System brings you everything you need to achieve the strong, silky, radiant locks you will be proud of. Using the wrong products, heat styling that is too hot or for too long, chemical relaxers, perms are some of the causes for damaged, falling hair. This system takes you to the place where healthy hair begins.

If you have been using chemicals relaxers or perms, stop now. Heat styling and hair dryers are to be used with protective products. Healthy beautiful hair will soon be yours with these Power Gro healing formulas and by eliminating practices that will continue to damage your hair. You will begin to see and feel the improvement within 1 or 2 treatments.


Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Power Gro system
05/23/17 11:03PM
I started using the Power gro system after losing most of hair from using chemical products over the years. My hair line was completely gone but after using system 804 I now have my hair line back and a full head of healthy hair with no breakage. I would recommend this product for thinning and damage hair it works.
5 out of  5
love this product
good investment
02/25/13 5:19PM
they're the best products.
5 out of  5
my mom love it
02/24/13 6:34PM
My mom use GM product when we were small, grew up got a perm had it for over twenty years in 2010 my hair began to come out couldnt stop it and i thought about GM and ordered some products in 2012 and my hair is awesome bought life, shine, growth, and manageability to my hair and I bought these product for my mother and it has helped her hair so well. Will not use anything else.
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