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The perfect spray for Braids, Weaves, Natural or Relaxed Hair.

  • Detangle
  • Easy Combing
  • Strengthen
  • Smooth
  • Prevent Frizz

Excellent for natural or relaxed hair. Great for Braided hair and dreads too! Wet or dry, hair is subject to tangling and knotting. Combing through knots and tangles, or removing braids can be a big job.

Power Gro Silk Action Spray loosens knots and tangles, helps your comb to slide through braids and tangles and prevents breakage, damage, discomfort. Silky, smooth, stronger hair is easy to achieve. A light spray each time you comb or style will keep the frizz down and your hair with less damage. Because it contains no grease or harmful chemicals, children will appreciate painless styling too!

100% money back guaranteed on all of our products!! Sold in a convenient 8oz spray bottle.

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