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Power Gro Scalp Therapy System
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Power Gro Scalp Therapy System

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For tight, itchy or dry scalp. For Hair that Never Seems to Grow.

Power Gro repairs Brittle & Breaking Hair. Proteins and Vitamins to Grow Your Hair Longer and Stronger

You receive all this:

** Power Gro Silk Action Leave-in Conditioner (4oz). A special product you will never want to be without once you have tried it. Stays in your hair all day to protect it from dryness and frizz. When styling your hair into braids, curls or waves, your moisturized hair becomes stronger and smooth with extra shine.

** Power Gro Hair Formula (4oz). Keeps brittle hair soft to prevent dryness and breakage. New growth remains healthy helping you to grow fuller and stronger hair that will not break or fall out.

** Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo (4oz). A special tangle free shampoo to protect your weak hair from breaking. A NEW and IMPROVED formula containing Jojoba to protect new hair growth and prevent scalp disorders when shampooing is done regularly. Keeps hair from tangling to prevent split dull ends. Conditions while shampooing.

** Power Gro Scalp Therapy (4oz). An aromatherapy hair and scalp massage that feels so good as it helps promote a healthy, vibrant scalp. A blend of herbal extracts, aromatic and essential oils especially beneficial for the scalp.

** Free Conditioning Cap. Works to create heat to your scalp for deeper penetration of conditioning products.

A complete system designed to give you soothing relief from externally caused problems of dry, flaking, bumpy scalp, or minor scalp irritations and to help your new growth become stronger and fuller without becoming weak and brittle.

This Power Gro System brings you everything you need to bring comfort and health to your scalp as it promotes the strong, silky, radiant locks you will be proud of. Scalp irritations are a common and naturally occurring problem. To eliminate them, use of products designed specifically to address a dry, itching scalp is the most effective way to treat and prevent them. Haven't you had these problems long enough? ORDER NOW!

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