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An aromatherapy hair scalp massage.

A blend of herbal extracts, aromatic and essential oils to be used as massage therapy to promote a healthy, vibrant scalp.
• Rosemary extract to increase hair volume
• Lavender extract to stimulate blood vessels and feed the follicles in your scalp
• Cypress and aloe vera to lubricate and soothe scalp
• Wheatgerm oil and vitamin E
• Anti-oxidants to help slow down hair loss,
• Almond oil to cleanse the scalp and remove flakes and scales
• Juniper for more shine in the hair.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
10/29/22 9:34PM
This oil is amazing. I have scarring alopecia that returns about every five years. I was cutting my hair short and noticed alopecia starting, and I started treating it immediately. I grabbed my Power Gro Scalp Therapy and got to work. It started working immediately. It took about 3 months, to see noticeable new growth. I oiled my scalp morning and night in first five months. I use it as a leave-in oil. Now, I oil it once day and maybe twice if needed,. Now I have a beautifully textured head of thick hair growing again. I even put this oil on my eyebrows and they are thicker. This oil is a miracle for me!
5 out of  5
Hair Growth
02/27/22 2:07AM
This aromatic hair oil is the highlight of my haircare day. I put it inside of a spray bottle and spray my scalp and massage thoroughly after shampoo. This has caused my hair to grow in healthy and strong with this fragrant and healthy oil blend. It leaves my hair well-moisturized.
5 out of  5
good to buy
02/23/13 3:16PM
I like this product very good for the scalp really stop the itch of the scalp when to dry hair.
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