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Power Gro Hair Formula 8 oz

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If you want your hair to grow longer and stronger, Power Gro is guaranteed to soften brittle and breaking hair. Power Gro with proteins and vitamins can bring back your hair's natural and youthful beauty.

Specially formulated for tinted, over processed and over relaxed hair. Sold in a 8 oz jar.

POWER GRO repairs brittle & breaking Hair. Our full line of proteins and vitamins will grow your hair longer and stronger.

Order Now!! Products Love Work! Guaranteed, or your money back.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Happy pro
Good product
07/11/19 8:26AM
I have used this product for years and brought it in gallon tube now I need more but can’t find the gallon tube. Will it be offered again
5 out of  5
Power Gro Hair Formula
08/05/17 11:41AM
Love all of your Power Gro Products. I love how this product makes your hair and scalp feel good. it leave your hair soft and shiny and healthy looking. I too miss the larger sizes and the sets of products. with hot oil and conditioning cap.
5 out of  5
Gallon size Jar?
02/18/17 8:24PM
I have used this for over 25 years. I use to by the gallon jug three times a year for myself and daughter. Will it ever come back?
5 out of  5
What happened to the huge gallon jar
07/11/16 4:13AM
Please bring back the gallon jar size! My mom has used this for years and still has the huge gallon jar. It's still working for her. I would love the gallon jar to share with my 2 girls.
5 out of  5
product is good
02/23/13 12:52PM
Love the product! Best that I have ever used.I will be sending in an order pretty soon. My hair was falling out, my daughter gave me the power grow shampoo,conditioner,hair formular and leave in conditioner. My hair has grown so much. Thanks for formulating this product. It's great!
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