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Power Gro Herbal Intensive Conditioner is a luxurious formula to bring you soft, stronger, silky hair with extra flexibility. This protects against hair breakage and frizz caused by the heat of a styling irons, chemicals and dryness.

This naturally strengthening formula contains: Aloe Vera, African Shea Butter, Orange Wax, Vegetable Protein, Chamomille, Kiwi, Rosemary, Yarrow, and advanced humectants to help retain deep moisture levels helping your hair to become stronger, shinier, healthier.

Here's what our customers are saying about Herbal Tame:

Nearly eight months ago, I decided to stop using chemical relaxers to straighten my hair. I felt that it was not necessary to have bone straight hair and that my curls could be relaxed more naturally without the use of harsh chemical hair preparations. With that objective in mind, I began to search for products from various companies that would relax my hair without the possible accompanying side effects of hair loss, damaged hair and scalp and burns.

I tried various hair straighteners but had not found one to my satisfaction until I came upon an advertisement for Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer in Gold Medal catalog, a health and beauty catalog. I had been on the mailing list for a number of years and had purchased some of their products but had never ordered the Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer. After much research, I decided to try the product and I have found that it meets my expectations completely for which I am very thankful.

I will be the first to admit that I am not satisfied with my appearance if my hair does not meet my expectations. I decided to put Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer to the test. The directions are straightforward and advise that you apply the gel to washed hair. You then section your hair and apply the gel to the roots of your hair and comb through to the ends of your hair strands.

There are no harsh chemicals so you do not have to wear gloves as is recomended when you use conventional hair relaxer kits. When I first used the product, I applied the gel with my fingers. The second time I used Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer I used a toothbrush to more evenly apply the gel to my roots. A small paintbrush would work as well. The point is to have an even distribution throughout your hair from your roots to the end of your hair. You then leave the gel on your hair for twenty to thirty minutes and then rinse with warm water. You can then blow dry your hair or sit under the dryer as I chose to do until dry and then proceed to use a curling iron , hot comb or other hair appliance to complete your hair styling. I use the hot water curlers to roll my hair and then style as I desire.

I am very satisfied with the Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer and find that it definitely loosens my curl pattern. I can now wash it and condition it and wear it natural if I so desire without the tight curls. Herbal Tame comes in an eight ounce jar and is reasonably priced. It has a pleasant fragrance and is dark brown in color. The ad states that the jar can last for two to three applications but I currently wear a short hairstyle and I expect that the product will last for at least six months or more.

I surmise that the longer or thicker your hair, the more product would be required. If you currently have chemically relaxed hair, Herbal Tame Gel Natural Relaxer states that it can be used to help reduce the frequency of relaxing your hair. Those who wear natural hair styles are told that it will help loosen the curl more each time you use it. Because I do not desire bone straight hair, I have found that Herbal Tame is effective for my hair type and I am completely satisfied with the product. I have not seen it in the marketplace but it is available through the Gold Medal Company.

I recommend Herbal Tame Herbal Gel Natural Relaxer to naturally straighten your hair without the usual risks that can occur with the usual commercially prepared hair relaxer kits.

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