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Head Strong Hair Revival Treatment 12oz

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After years of testing to find a treatment that would bring back youthful, lovely hair, the HeadStrong Hair Revival Treatment has emerged as the best ever. 12oz jar.

Contains natural ingredients that are essential for healthy hair. These ingredients combine with your hair's own molecular structure to help repair past damage and minimize further damage. Protein compounds are closely simulated to be compatible with your hair's own protein composition to fill-in and strengthen weakened hair shafts.

Your hair will become silky, the texture will improve and moisture will be retained. Panthenol, glycerine, and HPBC will give your hair the flexibility, elasticity, manageability and resistance to frizziness that you could never have believed possible. The plant extracts of Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Camomile, and Ginseng, will add luster and give natural highlights present in all new hair growth. The Head Strong Hair Revival Treatment takes the best of science and nature and puts it to work for your hair.

It's guaranteed or your money back! You'll love the difference from the very first treatment.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Great Product
02/23/13 11:35AM
I have used this product tor many years and it works great for natural or relaxed hair. My hair is natural these days, and this product prevents kinking and keeps my hair manageable and strong and growing healthy. Its a great after shampoo conditioner and highly recommended!
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