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Carbonoel Temple Creme 2oz
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TEMPLE MAGIC SYSTEM- for hair that is too thin at your temples.

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The Solution To Thin Temple Hair Is To Revive and Strengthen Your Hair Line and Roots.

To stimulate temple hairs and help them to grow full and healthy, these products are designed to do the job for you.

Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo made for naturally curly hair, to keep it tangle free and smooth to help avoid pulling out fragile temple hair roots.

Headstrong Ultra-Care Leave-In Vitamin Conditioner nourishes and keeps your hair smooth and silky as it adds body.

Headstrong Daily Care Formula protects hair from additional thinning and gives deep moisture therapy to help fragile hair become stronger.

Carbonoel Temple Cream
is a smooth vitamin and herbal formula that provides therapy when you massage, especially to your hairline, to keep those fragile little hairs well, deeply moisturized and stimulated by the vitamins.
If your hairline is getting thin, try this complete Thin Temple and Hair Care System.
It promises to help bring back fuller and healthier growth or your money back.

You Get All This:
• Carbonoel Temple Cream with Vitamins
• Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo
• Ultra Care Leave-In Vitamin Conditioner
• Headstrong Daily Care Formula

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Island Girl
Best Products Ever!
05/25/12 12:46PM
I've used Gold Medal Products in the past they work! It's as simple as that. My mother started using the product first and all the girls followed all 5 of us and the grandchildren. If you're looking for something that does what it says on the bottle (ha ha) then try Gold Medal Hair Products .
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