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Herbal Tame Natural Hair Relaxer 8oz Gel

SOFT & MANAGEABLE PRESSED HAIR with the Gold Medal Press & Style System

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Press and style has become the method of first choice for women who prefer more natural products with less chemicals on their hair and scalp. For a sensitive scalp and delicate hair, the Gold Medal Press and Style System offers you a safe, chemical free system resulting in healthy, beautiful, soft, shining hair and a longer lasting press.

You Get all This:

  • Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo protects new hair growth, prevents scalp disorders, tangling and split dull ends. Leaves hair fresh, clean and conditions as you shampoo.
  • Power Gro Mayonnaise for Hair and Scalp for deep conditioning to help restore luster and life to hair even if it is damaged and dull. Contains healing herbs, rich blended oils, proteins, and vitamins to go deep to strengthen each hair from root to end leaving it soft, and smooth.
  • Power Gro Smooth n' Silky to straighten your hair easily, even before you press. Pressing requires hair that is perfectly dry. Blow drying with Power Gro Smooth n' Silky before pressing, silkens, smooths and eliminates frizz making pressing faster and easier. Your hair will become so manageable and look so smooth after this step, you may chose to wear this more natural look on some occasions.
  • Power Gro Soft and Light Pressing Wax for a longer lasting press that is highly resistant to frizz and humidity. Made with aloe vera oil it leaves hair soft, light, straight.


  1. Trim off split ends every 6 to 8 weeks.
  2. Shampoo with Power Gro Tangle Free Shampoo.
  3. Condition with Power Gro Mayonnaise for Hair and Scalp.
  4. Blow dry with Power Gro Smooth n' Silky.
  5. Test the heat of your comb against a white tissue. If the paper turns brown, the comb is too hot for your hair.
  6. When your pressing comb is the right temperature, press small sections of hair at a time. Be careful not to burn your temples or your scalp.
  7. Style and enjoy.

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