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Waterworks Powder Hair Color... NO AMMONIA!


3.8 out of 5
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Henna works wonders for dull, lifeless or damaged hair.

The pure plant colors and conditioners in henna brighten and highlight.
Power Gro Pure Henna gives body, bounce, shine and tone to hair.

Damaged areas become stronger as the henna fills in microscopic breaks and damage
Protects by coating the surface with the lively color and shine.

Colors: Black, Brown, Golden Blonde, Red.

Customer Reviews

4 out of  5
Good on hair
11/11/16 8:32PM
I love this product I used it for years. The only reason I stop was because the package portions were cut to under half. The package you to come full but now it's less then half but for the same price. Even though it really covers my hair quite well. I refuse to pay the same price for less.
5 out of  5
best 4 me
07/20/16 1:39PM
I love pure henna because it is all natural it just doesn't enough colors if I am right my hair is reddish brown and it now has a few grey hairs I use brown on my hair and its ok it covers all my gray hair.
3 out of  5
Mixed Feelings
08/10/14 12:16PM
The product use is a long process: about 20 min for mixing and application, then it has to set for 1 hr and it did absolutely NOTHING for my gray temples. My hair is 14 inches long (but thin) and I needed 2 pkg for "combing through" as the directions state. I only need 1 of the store bought product.
I shampooed my hair about 3x because it seemed like the henna was not rinsing out, I kept feeling these clumps, then I realized it was my hair and not the henna! It really did "fill in microscopic breaks" and "coat the surface". It felt thicker after one use, and I am so pleased with the shine. Dying my hair has made it dull and dry, but this henna brought it back to life. I will continue to use it but only as a deep conditioner. I"m just disappointed that I still have to apply a separate color for my temples.
5 out of  5
Great on Hair!
12/24/13 10:26AM
I used the henna on my hair. The color was amazing. Darkened on certain areas of my hair & lightened my previously colored hair....I am going to use this on a regular basis to get the red look I am looking for!! Its wonderful!
5 out of  5
gentle on the hair
02/23/13 8:30PM
Thius product is not harsh or hard on the hair like some of the regular hair dyes, which is why I purchased it and I'm moving toward more naturally based products rather chemically produced products
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