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This velvety white cream helps to retain luster and natural gleam in your hair,

Keeps your scalp properly moisturized and naturally balanced.
Encourages continous and stronger hair growth.

Made with pure Lanolin.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
I'm still a faithful user
02/08/19 2:40PM
I thought I would update my response from 2013. I still Love this product Lanotress and will continue to buy and use faithfully. PLEASE continue to keep this product. So many products that I have used over the years have been discontinued. I pray this never happens to Lanotress. I look forward to using Lanotress for years to come. Thanks Gold Medal Hair.
5 out of  5
02/26/13 2:15AM
This product is awesome. My mother introduce this product to me and now I cant stay away from it. It works wonder on my hair. It has really helped my hair grow and I will be purchasing more of this product and recommend it to others.
5 out of  5
My hair routine
02/17/13 7:26PM
This is one of the products that I faithfully use on my hair. I have never used chemicals on my hair just press & curl. Between time I use on my scalp and hair; this product brings my hair back with shine & luster. My bf will say you got your hair fixed and I'll say no, next week. I LOVE this product.
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