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A hydrolized PROTEIN substance which deeply penetrates, swells, thickens and strengthens hair quickly.

This pure protein actually becomes assimilated with the protein in your hair. Very necessary for hair neglected, becoming dry, cracking, abused by chemicals, excess heat.

Results in healthier looking hair with more elasticity, less likely to become damaged.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Amazing Conditioner
04/26/18 3:41PM
This is a great product to use on naturally curly, kjnky, and coily hair. I use this product monthly for a protein treatment. I applied this product in my hair and let it air dry in order to absorb as much product as possible and upon rinsing the conditioner, my hair was strong and shiny! A great product to use!
5 out of  5
It works
09/15/13 7:53AM
This is one of my favourite Gold Medal Hair products and it does wok. I will highly recommend this conditioner for everyone with thin and damage hair.

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