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Power Gro Mayonnaise 12oz

5 out of 5
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Feed, heal, strength and deep condition. Amazing repair for overprocessed, dry, damaged or falling hair.

Let this Super Hair Conditioner come to your rescue as it stimulates your roots for stronger growth, soothes and smooths damaged hair. Have you ever noticed, after relaxing, perming or coloring your hair, it becomes dull or breaks off in your comb? Your scalp burns, itches, dries.

If you want your hair to grow natural but have had difficulty with it this super conditioner, with amazing healing ingredients is here to help you. Power Gro Mayonnaise for Hair and Scalp restores life and luster making beautiful hair possible for you, even if it is now badly damaged, thin, or breaking.

With healing herbs, rich blended oils, egg protein, deep moisturizers, vitamins and revitalizing ingredients it goes deep to rejuvenate and strengthen each hair from root to end. Beginning with your first application, your hair will feel soft, smooth and innocent as it was when you were a baby. Try it just once to experience for yourself, the luxurious feeling, shine, elasticity, texture, body.

We guarantee, that you will love it, or your money back! Sold in a large 12oz jar.

Customer Reviews

5 out of  5
Great conditioner
02/27/22 1:52AM
I love this conditioner. It has truly changed and improved my hair to soft and silky, and healthy. It has made my hair more thicker and more manageable.
5 out of  5
Baby soft
06/24/20 12:15AM
I could feel the difference the first time I used this conditioner, it made my hair baby soft and easy to comb. The longer you leave on the softer it will make your hair. I left it on over night and it made my hair so soft I couldn't believe the results.
5 out of  5
09/15/13 8:57AM
It works and it is also the best conditioner product for the hair extension
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